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Maverick Homes and Realty

About Us

Live A Great Story...


Family owned and operated, Maverick Homes LLC has compassion for bringing you a home that fits your desired needs.  Creating spaces that are functional and comfortable while providing exceptional customer service.  We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box of 2x6's and drywall to bringing Chippewa Falls and Lake Hallie..... 

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The name Maverick Homes is in memory of our beloved Maverick, our yellow lab. Our job sign and logo do not have a hammer, a home or any other related building message, we have a dog.  One that represents our significance when creating spaces that function and have that different from the expected thought. We want people who are looking for a home to notice that we have independent thought and choose to be different in that creative thought.

Maverick Homes LLC is family owned and operated.  We took our knowledge and experience in the building industry, the love of building, design and functioning spaces and created Maverick Homes.

We are committed to every detail and thought that goes into each home.  We build and live in our model homes which are also named after family dogs. The Jet, The Reba, The Samantha.

                               Kevin and Pamela

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